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Polarized lense cuts down surface reflections,significantly reducing glare, eye fatigue resulting from it. it increases visual acuity and enhance visual performance,which improves contrast and sharpness in your vision.it is very useful when you are fishing,driving and doing outdoor sports.

Below three lens colors are normal and popular for sunglasses, they're in category 2~3, suitable for sunny daytime use, good to protect your eyes when doing outdoor sports or driving in daytime. 


**Grey or Smoke or Black 

**Brown or Amber 


The yellow polarized lens is in category 0~2, good to brighten light transmission in cloudy day and evening, the yellow lens also can filter the blue light when night fishing. 


the lense coated with shiny revo,various colors for your choice. 

One frame with 3 or 4 pairs of interchangeable lenses for all light condition use


Photochromic(sun sensor) lens, changing color fast for a whole day using



Take care of some anglers who need magnifier lenses. The relative items on sale


clipping on the cap or glasses,and can overturn from up and down. The relative items on sale



TR90 material, lighter, flexiable,durable,ensuring comfort and protection.    The relative items on sale


Floating fishing sunglass,Floating not only in salt water, but also in fresh water. People will never loss any sunglasses in water sports any more! The relative items on sale